Official Press Release: Financial.org & FOINS are Independent of Global Finanz Organisation AG

Members, Partners & Stakeholders:

As independent organisations, Financial.org and FOINS will enjoy added flexibility and freedom to pursue new market and member bases as well as additional funding and partnership opportunities. We are confident after a thorough assessment of the relationships among Financial.orgFOINS and Global Finanz Organisation AG that corporate bylaws and operating agreements can maintain synergies going forward.

Following a significant strategic review and consultation process with our partners, affiliates, stakeholders and International Members Committee, the board of directors along with the top management team have all reached a conclusive decision that the time has come for Financial.org to go our separate ways. The board voted unanimously for Financial.org to leave Global Finanz Organisation AG to become an independent Financial Education Platform.

Effective today, Tuesday, 13th of March 2018, Financial.org is independent of Global Finanz Organisation (GFO) A.G. Under the new corporate structure, Financial.org, FOINS and FOIN will no longer be part of the GFO entities; each entity is fully independent from any management and business relationship with GFO from this day onwards. This decision and its implementation will not affect Financial.org & FOINS operations and Financial.org members’ benefits. In fact, the new corporate restructure plan has been put into practice as early as January 2018, whereby:

  • Financial.org – All educational activities have been based at the new Headquarters of our Financial Education Excellence Centre in Abu Dhabi since January 2018, and;
  • FOINS – All investment activities have already been plugging into FOINS Blockchain System since 1st January 2018 and every component/segment/module have been operating smoothly without any glitches.

When Financial.org Education Platform hit the market in 2016, GFO provided us with ample support and provision during the initial phase of our pioneering education platform:

  • GFO is a member of a self-regulatory organization (SRO) and is recognised by FINMA, in which it allows for transaction of securities on behalf of 3rd parties.
  • By signing the partnership with Williams Martini Racing Formula-1 team, GFO helped to promote the Financial.org brand to the whole world, thus creating essential TRUST & INTEGRITY of our education platform.

However, the period of time whereby Financial.org Educational Platform relies on GFO to provide the springboard for success is over. Financial.org Educational Platform has grown significantly since the last two years. While our visions, missions and core values as a Pioneering Financial Education platform remain unchanged, our dependence on GFO has come to an end. We have become a stronger, self-sufficient and highly efficient education platform. The Time Has Come; now is the perfect time for us to be independent of GFO, and Here’s Why:

  1. GFO is a member of a SRO in Switzerland, and is subject to FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) supervision. Therefore, there are many rules, guidelines and regulations that Financial.org is required to abide or comply even though many of these rules and regulations do not apply to our Financial Education frameworks. Just to name a few: know Your Customer(KYC) procedures of our members from Developing, Muslim majority and third world countries will be so strict and extremely unreasonable, fund movement among members will be severely restricted due to Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA) and source of fund for all investments would need to be seriously vetted with Tax Documentations. In the long run, it will tremendously slow down the growth of our platform, compromising the best interest of more than 75,000 members from 50 different countries around the world as of March 2018 and this number is growing every single day. While we respect the financial law of every jurisdiction, but for the sake of robust growth and the best financial interest of our members, Financial.org simply cannot be part of a company that is domicile in Switzerland. Furthermore, we have no operations in Switzerland and to subject ourselves to Swiss Financial framework just doesn’t make sense anymore.
  2. Financial.org Blockchain Systems (FOINS) capability as an INDEPENDENT Financial Blockchain Platform is unquestionable form the get-go. It is set out to be an independent entity from the very beginning and within months, FOINS has proven itself to become a dominant player in blockchain transactions, involving trade finance and investments using blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Since January 2018, all investment activities and transactions within its blockchain ecosystem have all been successfully executed without any glitches. The increased transaction security and reduced risk of manipulation in the blockchain technology have greatly reduced the need for strict financial rules and regulations. What goes into your blockchain, stays in the blockchain is a fact; no transactions can be deleted or altered. In the long run, it could prove to be a broader force for transparency and integrity in our future society. All these Blockchain features are what we really need to propel the future generation of investors. TOTAL EFFICIENCY, PRIVACY & TRANSPARENCY!
  3. More importantly, the underlying crypto assets of FOINS platform is an even bigger opportunity. Mining operations of FOIN, the de facto cryptocurrency of FOINS token has begun since January, followed by the Introduction and Adoption of FOIN Wallet in March 2018. The successful deployment of FOIN means that 95% of FOINS Community (Financial.org members) will be able to invest and transact using FOIN in the near future. Any transactions involving U.S. Stocks, Fiat Currencies, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrencies and other future financial products will all be fulfilled using FOIN. There shall be no interference by any Government Agencies or Financial Authorities on any of our members’ investment as well as the financial products offered.
  4. Global Branding with major partners such as Williams Martini Racing is also not affected by our independence from GFO. Our brand exposure through Formula-1 and potentially Formula-E Racing partnerships will continue. With our ongoing brand awareness strategy, half a billion population in the planet will be able to recognize the “FOIN” & the “FINANCIAL” brand.

As a conclusion, separation will create sharper strategic focus and better position each organisation to capitalise on those growth opportunities as independent entities; it gives Financial.orgFOINS and FOIN more room to grow. Through our new freedom and flexibility, particularly with the self-governing capabilities, each entity will be sharper, stronger, more focused and competitive as a leading, standalone platform in the global stage; we will be able to strive for long-term success and goal at a much faster pace.

The development and evolution of Blockchain Technology points towards a:


Decentralization means FREE of any Central/National/Single Body Control. The spirit of Decentralization means the power to control is NO longer concentrated at a central regulatory body such as a Government, Central Bank or any Financial Regulatory Commission/Authority. Instead, this authority and its responsibility is shared by ALL Adopters of a Blockchain Platform/Community. The adopters of the platform will decide on almost everything.

This is the new era of People’s Power, People’s Choices and People’s Decision. Blockchain is the Technology Concept and Solution that is changing the World Community at this very moment. Blockchain solutions in finance are virtually endless. Any centralized marketplace that is dominated by a few middlemen is likely to be taken over by blockchain technology sooner than later.

From a Financial Education viewpoint or an Investment perspective, both Financial.org and FOINS are at the epicenter of this evolution. The extent to which our Blockchain Solution realizes its full potential will largely depend on how well the user community (our members) can come together to steward its development and harness its full potential. One thing is clear, the blockchain revolution has started; the blockchain technology is here to stay, it can no longer be ignored. Not too distance in the future, you will need to decide your own investment portfolio, risk acceptance level, rate of return et cetera. Nobody can manipulate your investment. All investment transactions are stored and transferred using a distributed ledger; every single detail is recorded and cannot be changed or altered. And only you and you alone get to access your private information. This is the power of Blockchain Technology, as implemented in FOINS.

Opportunities Don’t Often Come along. so, when They do, You Have to Grab Them; if we DO NOT follow the trends and grab the greatest opportunities of this generation; if we don’t move ahead of the pack, others will do it, and we will be left behind.

As a result of this corporate restructuring exercise, Financial.orgFOINS and FOIN may be exposed to some unfair criticisms or even unfounded, malicious rumors in the coming weeks and months. Unscrupulous competitors may see it as an opportunity to create chaos or fabricate false news and stories. This usually happen whenever we decide to take a leap forward. And as usual, I ask our members to be smart in evaluating between true and fake – news, publications, analysis and comments, as part of your Financial Education journey. This reward-based interaction between the original architecture and its community of contributors leads to a platform that continues to evolve on its own.

In the context of investing, success is often measured in achievements and accomplishments. Thus, I always look at the success of our Financial Education Platform by evaluating how many members are enjoying great returns on our platform. If you are (and I am sure you are), then be grateful and happy! Enjoy the journey to the Blockchain Financial Evolution and Together We Make Real History!

Stay Tuned. The BEST will come in May 2018 when we officially launch FOIN. Be sure to attend the Global Launch Events around the world!

Monsieur Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org



FOIN Rewards Entitlement fulfillment for Qualified FOIA Placements


Thank you for being a valued member of Financial.org! We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and we would like to congratulate a great number of our members who achieved the following FOIA Placement Promotions:


  • The Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip (Promotion Period: 15th January 2018 – 31st January 2018) and/or;
  • FOIN Rewards Entitlement (Promotion Period: 1st February 2018 – 30th April 2018)


For the FOIN Rewards Entitlement, all qualifiers, from 1st February until 5th March 2018, have received their rewards in full; entitled FOIN tokens have been transferred to the corresponding members’ FOIN wallet.

Starting today, all future qualifying FOIA Placements will receive their corresponding FOIN rewards entitlement within 48 hours upon placement activation; entitled FOIN tokens will be transferred to the corresponding members’ FOIN wallet within 48 hours.

As for the Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip Promotion qualifiers, we did not forget about you! However, we understand that most of you would hope to have the flexibility to redeem your trip/travel rewards at your convenience. Therefore, the management has decided to ease the redemption process by compensating you with equivalent FOIN tokens up front in which you may then use to redeem the Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip at your convenience.
FOIN Reward conversion for the Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip Promotion:


FOIA Placement in USD Number of FOIN Rewarded
One Single FOIA Placement of
USD25,000 or any asset of equivalent value
One Single FOIA Placement of
USD50,000 or any asset of equivalent value
One Single FOIA Placement of
USD100,000 or any asset of equivalent value
100 FOIN
One Single FOIA Placement of
USD250,000 or any asset of equivalent value
250 FOIN


Therefore, all Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip Promotion qualifiers will receive your rewards based on the FOIN reward conversion table above; the corresponding FOIN tokens will be transferred to your FOIN wallet by Thursday, 8th March 2018.

Please also take note that:

  1. The Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip Redemption module is undergoing development and expected to be available before the end of March 2018. Members with FOIN in their wallet can use their FOIN to redeem the trip when the module is deployed.
  2. FOIN auction is expected to be launched on the week starting 19th of March 2018. Members who wish to upgrade their Abu Dhabi Trip can buy some FOIN during the daily auction so that they are able to redeem a higher category trip if they desire. This flexibility is extended to all members.


Once again, Congratulations on your great achievement!

With the new FOIN Wallet – You get Absolute Protection and Invest with Confidence!

Richard Bennett
Vice President – Member Services


FOIN Wallet going live with Beta Version (Test Mode)

Dear Valued Members,
The icing on the cake for the big March is here; FOIN Wallet is now LIVE! After months of intense development and testing, the highly anticipated FOIN Wallet is now available for our members/users to use!
FOINS releases its wallet in test mode (beta), going live today to provide secure, easy-to-use tools and functions for its cryptocurrency – FOIN token. Please note that under this limited beta release:
  • Members/users in certain regions/countries may not be able to activate their wallet(s) yet;
  • Wallet for certain versions of the app, including the iOS may not be ready yet;
  • Some functions may not work or display properly.


Please follow the step-by-step instructions to activate your FOIN wallet(s). This beta version test is secure, it will NOT compromise the security of any FOIN transactions. We thank and welcome members who are able to activate their FOIN Wallet(s) to provide us with valuable feedback as we continue to develop the User Interface (UI) version of the FOIN Wallet.
With the new FOIN Wallet – You get Absolute Protection and Invest with Confidence!
Monsieur Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org

Financial.org – A Big March Ahead


A Big March Ahead

March has been traditionally a big month for Financial.org. Our Pioneering Financial Education Platform started in March. Our best products were introduced and launched in March. The next big step we take towards the globalization of our Financial Education Platform will be happening in March as well!

Just to recap:

  • Financial.org was soft-launched in several countries in March 2016. It has been exactly two very-successful years since Auto-Trading Placement-A (ATPA) was introduced.
  • Auto-Trading Placement Cash (ATPC) was introduced exactly a year ago in March 2017. The excellent response by members on ATPC had led to the development of the current FOIA Placement structure that is warmly acceptable and adaptable by everyone today.

March 2018 promises to be even more Interesting and Rewarding!

1st of all,FOIN wallet will be soft-launched. In fact, in all honesty, we plan to soft-launch FOIN wallet today, 1st of March 2018. But at the last minute, we have decided to conduct another few rounds of stress-testing as a Blockchain System does not allow a rollback if a mistake is made. All records in FOINS ledger cannot be altered. It is a scary scenario on our behalf, as mistakes cannot be erased. Everyone gets to see it. But I suppose for members, users and investors, you welcome this technological breakthrough along with its Transparency and Security. I give you my full assurance that FOIN Wallet will be fully deployed on or before 15th of March 2018. All FOIN entitlement rewards form FOIA Placement promotion will be directly deposited into your FOIN wallet without any mining fees.

2nd of all, the first Formula 1 Race of the Season will take place between 22nd – 25th March 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. FOIN logo will be replacing Financial.org logo on the nose of FW41 Williams Martini Formula 1 Racing Car for the 2018 Season. Not even Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripples have made it this far. But We Just Did!

3rd of all, I am expected to sign another major sponsorship deal for FOIN and Financial brand as part of our global branding and partnership strategies for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

4th of all, we are expected to start FOIN auctions within FOINS platform solely for Financial.org members after we soft-launch FOIN Wallet. The true value of FOIN will be reflected by real-time daily auction of FOINtokens within the FOINS Community (Financial.org Members).

Last by not least, the second and third stops of our Global Events in 2018 will take place on 17th of March in Vientiane, Laos and 24th & 25th of March in Jakarta, Indonesia. While vital corporate meetings and conferences are scheduled to take place around the same time, I will at least make myself available for one of these events, if not all.

As you can already see, so many milestones will be achieved in this month alone. Bear in mind that this is just our 2nd Anniversary. I am already pondering, what will happen in March 2019 and March 2020. The progress and achievement thus far are already above and beyond what I imagined and expected when we soft-launched Financial.org Education Platform back in March 2016.

There were hundreds of early adopters for Bitcoin, thousands for Ethereum and Ripples. All recent ICOs were struggling to even attract thousands of adopters. FOIN, on the other hand, will start with more than 50,000 early adopters. Can you imagine our potential? The potential is so huge that we have decided to insert a 1% daily price increment cap on FOIN value for the 1st year, 2% daily increment limit for the 2nd year and 3% daily increment limit for the 3rd year.

Sky is the limit for FOIN and Financial.org members. Spring is in the air. Happy Days in MARCH!


Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org


Introducing FOINS – Financial.org blockchaIN System

FOINS is the abbreviation for Financial.Org blockchaIN System. FOINS is:

  1. a Privately Controlled, Decentralized & Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) Platform;
  2. a blockchain-based Financial and Investment Trading Platform.

FOINS enables Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programmable Smart Contracts to execute profitable trades on selected S&P500 Stocks, major fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities and other financial products in the future. Blockchain is a digital and decentralized ledger technology that records all transactions without the need for a financial intermediary, such as a bank.

In contrast, Financial.org is a member-based Financial Education Platform. Financial.org is not a Financial Service Provider; thus, unable to provide Financial Services and Products to its members. When/If its members want to trade and invest in financial products and services, they will plug into FOINS. A Financial.org member, after plugging into FOINS, will become an independent investor, investor-broker and investor-trader; an all in one role with total freedom from any centralized regulations.

FOINS allows Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and users (members of Financial.org) to plug into a common blockchain platform to trade, transact and invest in financial products and services. Similar to most blockchain platforms around the world, FOINS is independent, free from influence of any governments and centralized regulatory interference. The direction and decision of FOINS will be made solely by the power of people who utilize this blockchain platform.


  1. Create a secure A.I. Programmable Smart Contract Platform for financial trading, transaction and investment based on Blockchain Technology for the benefits of its community (users);
  2. Build value for its cryptocurrency token, FOIN. The future value of FOIN will be a good indication of the level of wealth and resources available to FOINSplatform and its community.

FOIN –Token Allocation:

50% – FOIA Placement Account Holders/ FOINS community (users)

50% – FOINS as capital reserve and future expansion

Token Information:

Name: Financial.Org CoIN

Symbol: FOIN

Decimals: 6

Tokens Available to Users:50 million (maximum)

Tokens Reserved by FOINS: 50 Million (minimum)

Total Tokens Available after Mining Completed (Hard Cap): 100 Million

Pre-mining Period:
1st January 2018 – mid 2019 (estimated) or until all 100million FOINS are mined.

Speed of Mining:
Depends on profitable blocks of daily Artificial Intelligence(AI) Auto-Trading(AT) and completion of Programmable Smart Contract Blocks within FOINS ecosystem.

Token Price during pre-mining:
Users to decide from daily auction. (to be launched)

Token Price appreciation after Mining Completed:
A complex algorithm depends on the number of profitable AT Blocks achieved, Programmable Smart Contract Blocks completed, the number of Financial Transactions completed as well as community and global (probably/when applicable) demand and supply.

Will token be available to/in external cryptocurrency exchanges?
FOIN Community/Users to decide the amount to be made available to the public (if any) after all FOIN are mined (estimated mid 2019).

When FOINS is fully developed and operational, users-community will be able to transact, invest and trade securely all within the blockchain engine environment without any external interference or restriction.

Blockchain may sound like a very high tech and bombastic word with very complicated structure, definition and implementation for most people to understand. We define Blockchain as a NEW & MORE SECURE TECHNOLOGY that EMPOWERS PEOPLE/USERS. This technology is more secure because every single transaction and event is recorded, stored and almost impossible to be altered. This technology is notgoverned by one person, one company, one corporate body, a board of directors or even any government enforcement agencies; it is decided by the power of people who utilize this blockchain platform/technology.

Pioneers users of FOINS community (basically all Financial.org members) are further rewarded with its wealth creator cryptocurrency called FOIN. As a whole, FOIN will be rewarded to users who make FOIA Placements. More FOIA Placements will lead to greater Profitable AI-AT Blocks to be achieved. Profitable Blocks expedite FOIN mining and its price increment, thereafter.

Even though FOINS only rewards FOIN to higher net-worth users at the initial stage, FOIN‘Great Opportunity’ will eventually (stage by stage) be shared with and open to every Financial.org – FOINS user – community.

Putting things into perspective, Financial.org is an independent financial education platform that focuses on membership growth. Financial.org is NOT a Financial Service Provider, and thus, it is not restricted by any Financial Laws and Regulations, locally nationally and internationally.

FOINS is a privately controlled, decentralized A.I. Programmable Smart Contract Blockchain Platform that allows its users to transact, invest and perform profitable financial trades. It is a Blockchain platform, similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many others which are also free of any Financial Regulatory Framework and Enforcement.

When Financial.org members plug into FOINS platform, market realizations take place. This convenient marriage brings a WIN-WIN situation for Financial.org Education Platform in conjunction with Financial.org Members and FOINS. Such a clear and distinct separation, between Financial.org and FOINS will spearhead the growth of both platforms as well as FOINfor years to come.


FOINS, an A.I. Programmable Smart Contract Platform, is the new blockchain powered market-place for users to trade, transact and invest financial products and services without having to worry about any government interventions, centralized regulations, and restrictions.

Sky is the limit for Financial.org, FOINS and FOIN.

# Despite all the privacy advantages offered by a Blockchain powered platform, users-community are strictly advised to report their profitable income to their national tax authority. Tax non-compliance is a crime is EVERY country.