Financial.org – A Big March Ahead


A Big March Ahead

March has been traditionally a big month for Financial.org. Our Pioneering Financial Education Platform started in March. Our best products were introduced and launched in March. The next big step we take towards the globalization of our Financial Education Platform will be happening in March as well!

Just to recap:

  • Financial.org was soft-launched in several countries in March 2016. It has been exactly two very-successful years since Auto-Trading Placement-A (ATPA) was introduced.
  • Auto-Trading Placement Cash (ATPC) was introduced exactly a year ago in March 2017. The excellent response by members on ATPC had led to the development of the current FOIA Placement structure that is warmly acceptable and adaptable by everyone today.

March 2018 promises to be even more Interesting and Rewarding!

1st of all,FOIN wallet will be soft-launched. In fact, in all honesty, we plan to soft-launch FOIN wallet today, 1st of March 2018. But at the last minute, we have decided to conduct another few rounds of stress-testing as a Blockchain System does not allow a rollback if a mistake is made. All records in FOINS ledger cannot be altered. It is a scary scenario on our behalf, as mistakes cannot be erased. Everyone gets to see it. But I suppose for members, users and investors, you welcome this technological breakthrough along with its Transparency and Security. I give you my full assurance that FOIN Wallet will be fully deployed on or before 15th of March 2018. All FOIN entitlement rewards form FOIA Placement promotion will be directly deposited into your FOIN wallet without any mining fees.

2nd of all, the first Formula 1 Race of the Season will take place between 22nd – 25th March 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. FOIN logo will be replacing Financial.org logo on the nose of FW41 Williams Martini Formula 1 Racing Car for the 2018 Season. Not even Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripples have made it this far. But We Just Did!

3rd of all, I am expected to sign another major sponsorship deal for FOIN and Financial brand as part of our global branding and partnership strategies for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

4th of all, we are expected to start FOIN auctions within FOINS platform solely for Financial.org members after we soft-launch FOIN Wallet. The true value of FOIN will be reflected by real-time daily auction of FOINtokens within the FOINS Community (Financial.org Members).

Last by not least, the second and third stops of our Global Events in 2018 will take place on 17th of March in Vientiane, Laos and 24th & 25th of March in Jakarta, Indonesia. While vital corporate meetings and conferences are scheduled to take place around the same time, I will at least make myself available for one of these events, if not all.

As you can already see, so many milestones will be achieved in this month alone. Bear in mind that this is just our 2nd Anniversary. I am already pondering, what will happen in March 2019 and March 2020. The progress and achievement thus far are already above and beyond what I imagined and expected when we soft-launched Financial.org Education Platform back in March 2016.

There were hundreds of early adopters for Bitcoin, thousands for Ethereum and Ripples. All recent ICOs were struggling to even attract thousands of adopters. FOIN, on the other hand, will start with more than 50,000 early adopters. Can you imagine our potential? The potential is so huge that we have decided to insert a 1% daily price increment cap on FOIN value for the 1st year, 2% daily increment limit for the 2nd year and 3% daily increment limit for the 3rd year.

Sky is the limit for FOIN and Financial.org members. Spring is in the air. Happy Days in MARCH!


Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org


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