Introducing FOINS – Financial.org blockchaIN System

FOINS is the abbreviation for Financial.Org blockchaIN System. FOINS is:

  1. a Privately Controlled, Decentralized & Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) Platform;
  2. a blockchain-based Financial and Investment Trading Platform.

FOINS enables Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programmable Smart Contracts to execute profitable trades on selected S&P500 Stocks, major fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities and other financial products in the future. Blockchain is a digital and decentralized ledger technology that records all transactions without the need for a financial intermediary, such as a bank.

In contrast, Financial.org is a member-based Financial Education Platform. Financial.org is not a Financial Service Provider; thus, unable to provide Financial Services and Products to its members. When/If its members want to trade and invest in financial products and services, they will plug into FOINS. A Financial.org member, after plugging into FOINS, will become an independent investor, investor-broker and investor-trader; an all in one role with total freedom from any centralized regulations.

FOINS allows Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and users (members of Financial.org) to plug into a common blockchain platform to trade, transact and invest in financial products and services. Similar to most blockchain platforms around the world, FOINS is independent, free from influence of any governments and centralized regulatory interference. The direction and decision of FOINS will be made solely by the power of people who utilize this blockchain platform.


  1. Create a secure A.I. Programmable Smart Contract Platform for financial trading, transaction and investment based on Blockchain Technology for the benefits of its community (users);
  2. Build value for its cryptocurrency token, FOIN. The future value of FOIN will be a good indication of the level of wealth and resources available to FOINSplatform and its community.

FOIN –Token Allocation:

50% – FOIA Placement Account Holders/ FOINS community (users)

50% – FOINS as capital reserve and future expansion

Token Information:

Name: Financial.Org CoIN

Symbol: FOIN

Decimals: 6

Tokens Available to Users:50 million (maximum)

Tokens Reserved by FOINS: 50 Million (minimum)

Total Tokens Available after Mining Completed (Hard Cap): 100 Million

Pre-mining Period:
1st January 2018 – mid 2019 (estimated) or until all 100million FOINS are mined.

Speed of Mining:
Depends on profitable blocks of daily Artificial Intelligence(AI) Auto-Trading(AT) and completion of Programmable Smart Contract Blocks within FOINS ecosystem.

Token Price during pre-mining:
Users to decide from daily auction. (to be launched)

Token Price appreciation after Mining Completed:
A complex algorithm depends on the number of profitable AT Blocks achieved, Programmable Smart Contract Blocks completed, the number of Financial Transactions completed as well as community and global (probably/when applicable) demand and supply.

Will token be available to/in external cryptocurrency exchanges?
FOIN Community/Users to decide the amount to be made available to the public (if any) after all FOIN are mined (estimated mid 2019).

When FOINS is fully developed and operational, users-community will be able to transact, invest and trade securely all within the blockchain engine environment without any external interference or restriction.

Blockchain may sound like a very high tech and bombastic word with very complicated structure, definition and implementation for most people to understand. We define Blockchain as a NEW & MORE SECURE TECHNOLOGY that EMPOWERS PEOPLE/USERS. This technology is more secure because every single transaction and event is recorded, stored and almost impossible to be altered. This technology is notgoverned by one person, one company, one corporate body, a board of directors or even any government enforcement agencies; it is decided by the power of people who utilize this blockchain platform/technology.

Pioneers users of FOINS community (basically all Financial.org members) are further rewarded with its wealth creator cryptocurrency called FOIN. As a whole, FOIN will be rewarded to users who make FOIA Placements. More FOIA Placements will lead to greater Profitable AI-AT Blocks to be achieved. Profitable Blocks expedite FOIN mining and its price increment, thereafter.

Even though FOINS only rewards FOIN to higher net-worth users at the initial stage, FOIN‘Great Opportunity’ will eventually (stage by stage) be shared with and open to every Financial.org – FOINS user – community.

Putting things into perspective, Financial.org is an independent financial education platform that focuses on membership growth. Financial.org is NOT a Financial Service Provider, and thus, it is not restricted by any Financial Laws and Regulations, locally nationally and internationally.

FOINS is a privately controlled, decentralized A.I. Programmable Smart Contract Blockchain Platform that allows its users to transact, invest and perform profitable financial trades. It is a Blockchain platform, similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many others which are also free of any Financial Regulatory Framework and Enforcement.

When Financial.org members plug into FOINS platform, market realizations take place. This convenient marriage brings a WIN-WIN situation for Financial.org Education Platform in conjunction with Financial.org Members and FOINS. Such a clear and distinct separation, between Financial.org and FOINS will spearhead the growth of both platforms as well as FOINfor years to come.


FOINS, an A.I. Programmable Smart Contract Platform, is the new blockchain powered market-place for users to trade, transact and invest financial products and services without having to worry about any government interventions, centralized regulations, and restrictions.

Sky is the limit for Financial.org, FOINS and FOIN.

# Despite all the privacy advantages offered by a Blockchain powered platform, users-community are strictly advised to report their profitable income to their national tax authority. Tax non-compliance is a crime is EVERY country.


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