FOIN Rewards Entitlement fulfillment for Qualified FOIA Placements


Thank you for being a valued member of Financial.org! We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and we would like to congratulate a great number of our members who achieved the following FOIA Placement Promotions:


  • The Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip (Promotion Period: 15th January 2018 – 31st January 2018) and/or;
  • FOIN Rewards Entitlement (Promotion Period: 1st February 2018 – 30th April 2018)


For the FOIN Rewards Entitlement, all qualifiers, from 1st February until 5th March 2018, have received their rewards in full; entitled FOIN tokens have been transferred to the corresponding members’ FOIN wallet.

Starting today, all future qualifying FOIA Placements will receive their corresponding FOIN rewards entitlement within 48 hours upon placement activation; entitled FOIN tokens will be transferred to the corresponding members’ FOIN wallet within 48 hours.

As for the Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip Promotion qualifiers, we did not forget about you! However, we understand that most of you would hope to have the flexibility to redeem your trip/travel rewards at your convenience. Therefore, the management has decided to ease the redemption process by compensating you with equivalent FOIN tokens up front in which you may then use to redeem the Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip at your convenience.
FOIN Reward conversion for the Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip Promotion:


FOIA Placement in USD Number of FOIN Rewarded
One Single FOIA Placement of
USD25,000 or any asset of equivalent value
One Single FOIA Placement of
USD50,000 or any asset of equivalent value
One Single FOIA Placement of
USD100,000 or any asset of equivalent value
100 FOIN
One Single FOIA Placement of
USD250,000 or any asset of equivalent value
250 FOIN


Therefore, all Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip Promotion qualifiers will receive your rewards based on the FOIN reward conversion table above; the corresponding FOIN tokens will be transferred to your FOIN wallet by Thursday, 8th March 2018.

Please also take note that:

  1. The Abu Dhabi Education HQ Trip Redemption module is undergoing development and expected to be available before the end of March 2018. Members with FOIN in their wallet can use their FOIN to redeem the trip when the module is deployed.
  2. FOIN auction is expected to be launched on the week starting 19th of March 2018. Members who wish to upgrade their Abu Dhabi Trip can buy some FOIN during the daily auction so that they are able to redeem a higher category trip if they desire. This flexibility is extended to all members.


Once again, Congratulations on your great achievement!

With the new FOIN Wallet – You get Absolute Protection and Invest with Confidence!

Richard Bennett
Vice President – Member Services


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