FOIN Wallet going live with Beta Version (Test Mode)

Dear Valued Members,
The icing on the cake for the big March is here; FOIN Wallet is now LIVE! After months of intense development and testing, the highly anticipated FOIN Wallet is now available for our members/users to use!
FOINS releases its wallet in test mode (beta), going live today to provide secure, easy-to-use tools and functions for its cryptocurrency – FOIN token. Please note that under this limited beta release:
  • Members/users in certain regions/countries may not be able to activate their wallet(s) yet;
  • Wallet for certain versions of the app, including the iOS may not be ready yet;
  • Some functions may not work or display properly.


Please follow the step-by-step instructions to activate your FOIN wallet(s). This beta version test is secure, it will NOT compromise the security of any FOIN transactions. We thank and welcome members who are able to activate their FOIN Wallet(s) to provide us with valuable feedback as we continue to develop the User Interface (UI) version of the FOIN Wallet.
With the new FOIN Wallet – You get Absolute Protection and Invest with Confidence!
Monsieur Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org

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