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FOIN – Evolution for Generations to Come

FOIN – Evolution for Generations to Come

Dear Valued Partners, Members & Users:

One: FOIN Global Launching

The excitement has begun! FOIN was officially revealed in Dubai on 1st of May 2018 to mark the beginning of our FOIN Global Launching events. Other events in May include Taichung, Taiwan and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More events are already being planned throughout the year and all these upcoming events will be announced accordingly.

Two: Global Branding of FOIN

As part of the global branding strategy for FOIN, a new partnership was entered between Financial.org with Techeetah Formula E Team last week. In a 3-year partnership, hundreds of millions of fans and audiences around the world will get to see the “FOIN” and the “Financial” logos on Techeetah Racing Car, Drivers’ Suits, and other relevant sponsor areas of the team starting from Qatar Airways Paris E-Prix last weekend.

Three: Early FOIN Adopters Reward

In an effort to honor and thank our loyal members as well as FOIN early adopters, the management has decided to reward every member who activates his/her FOIN Wallet before 30th of June 2018. Members who have placed a total of USD10,000 worth of FOIA and activated their FOIN Wallet by setting up the Wallet PIN and login to their FOIN Wallet before 30th of June 2018 will each receive 0.5 FOIN as “Early Adopters Reward”.

All members (who have placed a total of USD10,000 worth of FOIA) who had activated their wallet prior to this announcement, would have received this “Early Adopters Reward” in their FOIN Wallet. Please login to your FOIN Wallet to check your FOIN reward.

Note: Only eligible for members who have placed a total of USD10,000 worth of FOIA when activating the FOIN Wallet.

Four: FOIN Wallet Access

FOIN Wallet can now be accessed through both Online Account (1.9 FOINS) and Mobile Apps. The management suggest that members download our Mobile Apps and access their FOIN Wallet through Financial.org Mobile Apps.

Getting used to Mobile Apps can only benefit our members over time. More and more features and merchants’ integrations will be introduced to our users’ community and most of these new features will only be made available in Mobile Apps and NOT via online access in the future.

Five: FOIN utilization for FOIA Placement

The management would like to announce that FOIN will be accepted as a medium of transaction for FOIA Placement effective 1st June 2018.

This is the 1st step to provide the opportunity for our early FOIN Adopters who had subscribe to their FOIN Subscription Quotas in April and May, to realize their profits. However, we discourage early adopters to use up or sell all their FOIN because the price of FOIN is increasing every single day for the next 10 years. If you let go of your FOIN now, you can only buy it back later at a higher price which translates to economic and opportunity loss.

Six: FOIA & FOIN Promotion Incentive

There is no better way to celebrate the Grand Launching of FOIN than to offer FOIN Incentives to our loyal members. The value of FOIN appreciates every single day, therefore, this reward is meant for long term asset appreciation for our members.

For a single placement (in one placement) of FOIA, FOIN will be rewarded according to the table below:
Single FOIA Placement value in USD FOIN Incentive
$50,000 25
$100,000 60
$250,000 200

On behalf of the management, I thank you for your continued support and commitment to Financial.org Education Platform, FOINS Financial Blockchain System and FOIN. The journey of FOIN has begun. Early adopters always have extra financial benefits along the way; the stability and potential of this asset class will continue to present itself for the next 10 years!

FOIN – Invest with Confidence for Generations to Come!
Reminder: Any copying, republication or redistribution of this news including re-posting on Social Networking Sites or any other personal use without the consent of the management are strictly prohibited. Members found to break this circular may risk suspension and expulsion.