An Open Letter to All Members & Users

Below is an open letter by Monsieur Arnaud Georges to all Financial.org members and FOINS users-community in response to questions about the latest upgrades as well as the growth prospects and economic opportunities that lie ahead:
In the past one week, we have been receiving a lot of feedback. These include thousands of questions and comments coming from Financial.org members and FOINS users-community everywhere around the world. Many members and users simply want to get first-hand information about the latest developments and prospects following the ICO of FOIN as well as the launch of the new flagship product – FIA.
I first would like to thank all members and users, especially those of you who managed to spare your precious time to write us supportive comments and constructive feedbacks. Never underestimate the power of your voice and the impact of your feedback; our second-generation products and features are largely designed and built based upon requests and ideas from members and users like you. I think you should have known by now your indirect role in fostering this new chapter! Besides brand ambassadors and partners, a good number of members and users had actually indirectly participated in this new product design process. Their routine comments, requests and feedback were being carefully translated and assimilated into the core structure and framework of the new FIA.
But before I go any further, it is very important that I must go through thoroughly these fundamental investment guidelines once again. I NEED each and every one of you to fully understand the Context of an Investment the way it is intended to be; every Financial.org member and FOINS user needs to completely understand that every investment is associated with three basic intangible elements of uncertainty and no one can guarantee the exact outcome.
1. Investment Time-Frame
Members and users need to understand that in the context of Financial Education as championed by Financial.org, Every Investment involves Patience and Time. Indeed, I have mentioned this hundreds of times whenever I speak at events, meet you in person, through email correspondence, WhatsApp messages as well as general member newsletters that:
  • We do not champion short term profit because we are not a fly-by-night corporation.
  • We teach financial concepts while our partners-FSP adopt a medium to long term asset appreciation philosophy (2 – 5 years) to realize your investments.
  • We have been very clear to all members and users that if you need money desperately, such as money needed right away for putting food on the table or paying your bills, Financial.org cannot help you because we are neither a bank nor a loan service provider. But if you are looking for a stable, medium to long term asset growth opportunity to boost your wealth, we are your right partner. In fact, we are the BEST.
  • Desperate people ALWAYS end up losing money because their goals are often hold back by their own desperation. They can NEVER wait until the right time comes and as a result, they will NEVER able to MAXIMIZE their investment.

Note: If you do not have any spare money, money that you DO NOT DESPERATELY need to use for the next 2-3 years, DO NOT INVEST.

2. Investment Risk

All Investments involve risk, including:
  • Complete or partial loss of the investment fund.
  • Delay in Investment Returns.
  • Restructuring of financial products or investment assets.

Note: There is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed investment. The higher the risk, the higher the potential return. Our role is to help you achieve the highest possible return while maintaining the lowest level of risk.

3. Reward/Returns

Return for an investment may come in any forms or terms, for instance:
  • Stable and periodic payments on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually basis; usually associated with controlled smart trading in the markets.
  • Rapid Wealth – Profit payment in a few large sums or just one single lumpsum; oftentimes it may involve other volatile asset classes like stocks or cryptocurrencies that could appreciate from 30 to 50% or even up to a few hundred percent in a matter of weeks.
Note: Investors aim for stability despite market volatility. In the context of investing, when an opportunity presents itself, simply grab it; and when a risk appears, take necessary measures to avoid it. Structural changes and assert reallocation are part of the equations to effectively manage opportunity and risk in order to achieve the highest possible returns.
Generally speaking, anything can happen in an investment. Therefore, an investor needs to fully prepare for the worst even though the worst rarely happens. Financial.org’s role is to protect your investment in accordance with our medium to long term asset growth goals for each of our members and users.
FOIN’s progress and development:
  1. All your assets have been converted to FOIN at USD165 / FOIN.
  2. FOIN is a very valuable asset; every FOIN is worth about USD300 in the open market today but in one-year time, its value will at least be doubled, if not tripled or more.
  3. By 1st July 2019, your “FOIN Wallet” would have been completely migrated from Internal Blockchain Eco-System to External Free-Market Exchange(s).
    By then, you may choose to sell all or part of your FOIN at your own discretion. For your information, there is no restriction for selling cryptocurrencies in the open market, so basically, you could do whatever you wish.
The Four Bonuses that come along with FOIN
  1. For your FOIA to be paid early (on 15th of June) is the 1st Bonus.
  2. For all your asset(s) that have been paid in advance, being converted to FOIN at USD165 is the 2nd BONUS.
  3. To be able to sell your FOIN at prices that are 300-600% more than FOIN conversion(purchase) price of USD165 after 1st July 2019 is the 3rd BIG BONUS.
  4. For those members who decide to invest in our partners-FSP 2nd Generation Product(s), utilizing 30% of their FOIN instantly into the new products is the 4th BONUS.
With such great opportunities ahead and massive amount of money to be made, there is really nothing, I repeat, NOTHING for any Financial.org member to complain about. In fact, you should thank the management and FSPs for providing this realistic opportunity for you to harvest. Bear in mind, this is not just another opportunity, this is The Opportunity of a Lifetime. You can use you FOIN towards the new products right away. A year from now, you will be able to make 3 – 6 folds (300 – 600%) extra profits in the open market; this is a FACT.
The listing of FOIN is a historic opportunity that we all must grab!
We salute and express our greatest gratitude to members and users who continuously support Financial.org, FOINS Financial Blockchain Platform and FOIN Cryptocurrency. We live by this shared dream and as such, we shall achieve the reality together.
At the same time, I openly rebuke brainless, selfish members who spread negative rumors about Financial.org, FOINS and FOIN. A small number of members have been identified to have written false statements, spread unfair and negative rumors and in some cases, sent threatening statements to our Official Partners, including WMR, Formula 1, Techeetah, Formula-E, as well as our auditors, legal department, office building management, local financial regulators, international press, local press, online forums/portals, social networking sites and all other possible means to tarnish the reputation of our management and this financial platform. So, I want to tell you THREE THINGS today:
i. Our partners-FSP deserve the full right to make structural changes to your investment if these structural changes do not cause any financial loss. Every decision made is final and non-reversible
ii. The management & Partners-FSP reserve the right to suspend your account and freeze your assets if you are found to break any terms of use that include tarnishing the good reputation of the management as well as all our associated brands and partners.
iii. “FOIN is our future = Your Future”. Even if you don’t care about the future of this platform and 120,000 other people’s retirement plans, children education funds, new homes, etc., at least use your brain to protect your own wealth and assets. When you cause mayhem to Financial.org, Partners, FOINS, & FOIN, you are also doing the same thing to devalue your own assets = FOIN’s values.
I hope my sincerity and boldness can be accepted by EVERY Financial.org member and FOINS user around the world. And I really mean EVERY MEMBER & USER. I don’t even want a single sour soul.  Because only when we are united as FOINS community-users, then can we attract the other 10, 20 and 50 million cryptocurrency adopters to push the price of FOIN beyond Bitcoin. Alone you are weak; Together We can be Stronger!
Chapter-2 has started and the next wave of market opportunities that come with chapter-2 are epic, but if it’s not for you, please DO NOT invest. Every investment involves some degree of risk, including the risk of losing a part or the whole sum of your capital.
For those of you who already signed up for the new chapter, Welcome Home! The new door is officially opened for all of you as well as hundreds of thousands of millions of potential members and users worldwide. FIA is expected to bring a Whole New Level of Success while FOIN is set to unleash its True Market Value. So, let’s harness The True Potential of FOIN together.
Remember, this is The Opportunity of a Lifetime; The Sky’s the Limit! 
Merci Beaucoup. Thank you. 
Yours sincerely,
Monsieur Arnaud Georges

AbbVie Inc. (ABBV) Ex-Dividend


AbbVie Inc. (ABBV) will begin trading Ex-Dividend on 12th July 2018 and dividend payment of USD 0.96 per share is scheduled to be paid on 15th August 2018. Members who hold ABBV shares at EST 20:00 on the 11th of July 2018 are eligible to receive dividend.

Thank you.

Vice President of Operation
Richard Bennett


New (2nd Generation) Financial Products

The management takes pride in announcing new upgrades and financial products offered by our partners-FSP to our members starting today. The introduction of new products (stocks) and structural upgrades that took place in the past two weeks will give Financial.org members a very good opportunity for the next few years to realize significant financial returns through our partners-FSP. Below are some of highlights of the upgrades in no particular order:

1. Introducing New Potential U.S. Stocks

Our R&D Trading Team, after months of research, has decided to completely replace the U.S. Stocks that we have been recommending to our members since 2016. All those stocks that we have previously recommended, such as APPLE, ADOBE ALIBABA, FACEBOOK and MICROSOFT, have appreciated by an average of 42.37% annually for the past 2 years. All those Blue Chips Stocks have now reached a very high valuation and P/E ratio, thus, are not expected to rise much further.

In lieu of this development, several undervalue stocks with better upside potential are being added to the New Recommended List. Since 2016, Our R&D Trading Team have always been recommending the right stocks to our members with 100% positive outcome.

2. Hybrid Blockchain Account(HBA)

A HBA has been introduced to replace Current Account. HBA is a unique-crossover Blockchain Account that is designed specifically to enable ease and convenience for all users without the need to use a Blockchain Wallet like “FOIN Wallet”. The most interesting feature of the HBA is the introduction of a new cryptocurrency – USCoin (USC). USC is pegged to USD at 1USC = 0.10 USD and users are able to stake USC in the HBA for a Staking Dividend, similar to many Proof of Stake (POS) Cryptocurrencies. Users can use HBA to keep and transact FOIN,USCoin and U.S. Stocks. To read and understand more about HBA and USCoin, please go to “1.2 Introduction”

3. FOINS Investment Account (FIA)

FIA has been launched to replace FOIA. Members will be able to execute FIA Placement(s) for consistent monthly returns. In response to recommendations and requests by the Brand Ambassadors, FIA monthly returns have been structured to be comparable to FOIA to provide Returns plus Principal of between 16 – 17% for a period of 12 months.

All account(s) activated before 15th of June 2018 (old members) has been put on “Dormant-Status“. A Dormant account WILL NOT be eligible for any Group Commissions until it is being activated. Any qualified commissions calculated and unpaid while an account is in Dormant Status WILL NOT be reimbursed even after the account has been activated.

FOINS-users are given until 31st of July to activate their FOINS Investment Account (FIA) by making a USD10,000 placement in either USD or Selected U.S. Stocks. An account that stays Dormant after 31st July 2018 will be closed permanently. A Closed Account will still be given access to its FOIN Wallet.

a. Activating FIA – June & July 2018

  1. Old Members (members whose accounts have been placed in Dormant) can activate their FIA by utilizing a maximum of 30% FOIN and the remaining 70% balance MUST be completed in USCoin. More investments can also be made following the same FOIN to USCoin ratio, even after the dormant account has been reactivated.
  2. New Members (Members who will be activating their account on 18th June onwards) can activate their account using a maximum of 10% FOIN and the remaining 90% balance MUST be completed in USCoin. New members who had activated their accounts and wish to place more investments MUST also follow the same ratio of FOIN to USCoin.


b. Activating FIA – August 2018

  1. Old Members can activate their FIA by utilizing a maximum of 20% FOIN and the balance 80% MUST be completed in USCoin.
  2. New Members activate their account using a maximum of 10% FOIN and the balance of 90% MUST be completed in USCoin.

c. Activating FIA – September 2018 and beyond

Every member can use a maximum of 10% FOIN to activate their FIA Placement and the balance 90% must be completed in USCoin. The same ratio applies for all FIA Placements even after an account has been activated.

4. Group Commission and GCB Network

GCB, GCC, RCD and LCE have been maintained. The terms and conditions for eligibility of each commission have remained the same. The GCB and GCC Network built from ATPs and FOIA placements have been temporary maintained until 31st July 2018. All accounts activated before 15th of June 2018 have been put on a “Dormant-Status“.

Dormant account WILL NOT be eligible for any Group Commissions until it is being activated. Any qualified commissions calculated and unpaid while an account is in Dormant Status WILL NOT be reimbursed even after the account has been reactivated. FOINS-users are given until 31st of July to activate their FIA by making a USD10,000 placement in either USD or Selected U.S. Stocks. Dormant account(s) will be closed and dropped from GCB and GCC Network permanently after 31st July 2018.


#1. The 1st day of GCB, RCD and LCE commissions’ calculation will occur on EST24:00, Monday, 25th June 2018 and will be paid by EST0100 the following day (26th June). All FIA Placements that take place between 18th to 25th June will be paid together at the same time on 25th June 2018 to give more time and chances for Old Members to activate their account(s), so as not to miss out on all 3 commissions. Subsequent calculations will take place daily, thereafter. A Dormant account WILL NOT be reimbursed for unpaid commissions even if the account is activated later.

#2. GCB Carry Forward from FIA Investment WILL NOT be flushed on 30th June 2018. Therefore, GCB Commission Calculation will assume the month of July (not as a new month) as a continuation from June.

#3. GCC will combine both June & July’s (last day – 31st July 2018) FIA Placement Volume and will be paid together on 3rd of August.

5. USCoin Top Up

Cash Top Up, International Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrency Top Up is available for USCoin in selected countries. One (1) USD Top Up will result in 10 USC to be credited into the users’ HBA. USCoin can be used to place FIA investments, transfer to another account, purchase stocks as well as to make withdrawal.

6. USCoin Withdrawal

USCoin may also be withdrawn and transferred to the users’ bank account following certain procedures. Cash Withdrawal dates have been set on 15th and 30th of each month and is restricted to 25% of an account holder’s Investment Value (Total FIA Placement) for each withdrawal window. Our payment processors undertake to complete Cash Withdrawal tasks within 7-10 working days.

7. Margin Account

Margin Account will continue to offer an account holder the flexibility to execute Margin Trades without any changes.

We are confident that these new structural changes will guide our members to invest through our partners-FSP in a more secure, efficient and comfortable Blockchain Eco-system. As more partners-FSP are expected to join FOINS Financial Blockchain, we are extremely confident that members will eventually have more investment choices in accordance with individual risk appetite and preferred asset class(s).

New doors have been opened. Chapter-2 starts today. One must decide whether to continue focusing on the Closed Door or look forward to the Newly Open Doors. Happy Investing!


Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org


FOIN & Financial.org 1st Generation Products



FOIN briefing: On Monday, 4th of June 2018, FOIN was successfully listed on CryptoBridge, a decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange at USD250. After 10 days of listing, it has appreciated more than 15% and is currently trading at around USD290. This is an extraordinary achievement. More importantly, this accomplishment is only made possible because of contributions and supports from investors like you – Dedicated members and users who come from all corners of the world. Therefore, on behalf of the management, partners and affiliates, I would like to thank all of you for helping to make our shared dream a reality. This remarkable achievement is devoted for all of us who believe, “Yes, we can!”

In April this year when we soft launched FOIN, I announced that FOIN would only be listed in July 2019. However, our partners-FSPs, in conjunction with our Consulting Team have since advised us to list FOIN ahead of schedule due to a combination of reasons.

ONE Year Ahead of Schedule – Imagine THAT!

Cryptocurrency listing is expected to be harder in the next coming months as the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore (these are the 4 most common ICO jurisdictions) and the rest of the world will introduce more stringent measures for new Initial Coin Offerings. Less and less ICO will come into the market and for FOIN to have been listed is already a significant achievement by itself. Now, members need not worry that FOIN listing may not materialize because it already has.

In the long run, we view positive government involvement and mild regulatory intervention in cryptocurrency developments as helpful and beneficial. It means that Cryptocurrencies will definitely become a major asset class in the Financial Sector sooner than expected. This is exactly the type of development that is extremely encouraging for all of you who are early adopters of FOIN.

Therefore, it is also logical that we list FOIN now because by doing do, we will have 1 extra year to introduce FOIN to the global cryptocurrency community, financial professionals and financial services industry. This will clear the path and set the stage for FOIN to become the first Cryptocurrency to be widely used as a medium of exchange for financial and investment transactions.

I know many of you are caught by surprise with the decision to list FOIN now. And frankly, a few months back, the management wasn’t expecting FOIN to be listed so soon either. But after evaluating all pros and cons, and knowing all the facts now, we are completely convinced that this is the RIGHT THING to do. In other words, listing FOIN now is the appropriate step to take for the long haul.

For Financial.org and FOINS Blockchain Platform, FOIN’s ICO has both effectively and exponentially made us more valuable than ever. The ICO has once again put us at the frontline of the Blockchain revolution and Cryptocurrency world. Together with our partners- FSP, we will continue to roll out new products, along with applicable financial concepts to meet your needs. We will be globally recognized sooner than anticipated.

With 50 million FOIN as capital reserves, this organization will eventually be worth tens of billions of dollars after all coins have been mined.

By mid- 2019, the mining process will be completed and the full value of this organization will be appraised and recognized globally. FOIN has been traded in the open market now for around $290. Bear in mind, this is just the beginning of a long-lasting appreciation pathway for FOIN.

In a retrospective comparison, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) was around USD272 on 22nd October 2015 and within two years, it had reached USD6,062 on 22nd October 2017. Of cause we all know that it reached a peak of USD19,000 in December 2017 and has recently been stabilizing around USD7000 in recent months. The fact that BTC appreciated from $272 to $6000 within short 2 years is an indication of a similar potential for FOIN, that is currently priced at a mere $290 in the external market.

In a nutshell, FOIN is not just another cryptocurrency created to flood or congest the crypto market. FOIN is in a class of its own; FOIN is a global brand where none of the Top Cryptocurrencies in the world such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Cardano, IOTA and others are able to achieve even though they have gone live for several years now.

Both the Financial & FOIN brand have made ongoing appearances on Formula-1 car, now for the Third Season in a row. Recently, our global brand promotion and partnership have been further extended to the Formula-E Championship.


Through these effective partnerships, FOIN brand has gained exposure to hundreds of millions of people around the world. And we haven’t even started our global initiative to market FOIN yet. Therefore, once all FOIN are being mined and global marketing initiatives kickoff, hundreds of millions of people and investors from all over the world will want to buy and own FOIN.

FOIN will become The Brand of Choice!

This is not just a hypothetical scenario. This will absolutely happen! Demand will outgrow Supply! Price will surge, beyond your imagination. FOIN’s market prices will make your jaw drop! With all the advantages, attributes and benefits of FOIN, rewriting Bitcoin’s track record of USD272 price appreciation to USD6,062 within 2 years is an absolute possibility!

As for now, I will ask that all of you to stay on your feet. Do NOT get over-excited until you are able to realize your profit and put them safely in your pocket.

However, the successful listing of FOIN also marks the end of 4 incredibly successful products that benefited many in the past two and a half years. These products are ATPA, APTX, ATPC and FOIA and have largely been considered as the First-Generation Products offered to our members by our partners-FSP.

Launched in 2016, Financial.org has been focusing on educating our members to invest into top Blue Chips of S&P500 and our members have since been rewarded with asset appreciations of more than 135.81% per annum on the average. Therefore, it’s fair to say that no other Financial Education platform has a better track record than Financial.org!

In conjunction with FOIN’s listing, my management associates and I have travelled to 5 countries in the last 9 days to meet, brief and receive feedbacks from hundreds of our Brand Ambassadors at the same time. All these meetings have been very constructive and smart discussions took place before, during and after the meetings. As a result, we have been able to extend our collaboration with our partners-FSP and make the following structural changes that involve our members’ account effective today.
Current Account – Closed

  • All assets and cash in Current Account have been converted to FOIN at USD165/FOIN (Today’s price is USD175 USD).
  • Any unprocessed Cash Withdrawal were returned to the Current Account on 13th June and were then converted to FOIN. The remaining USD balance has also been converted to FOIN today.

ATPs – Converted to FOIN

  • All ATPA, ATPX and ATPC are converted to FOIN at USD165/FOIN.

FOIA – Pre-Paid and Converted to FOIN

  • The biggest winners are FOIA account holders whereby all Future Returns were paid in advance and converted to FOIN at USD165/FOIN. Converting all assets to FOIN at a lower price per FOIN resulted in members owning more FOIN and able to realize more profits.

It is understood that whenever partners-FSPs made any changes, there will be some members who are extremely happy and excited, some who are neutral, as well as those who don’t agree with the decisions taken. This is also part and parcel of the risk that comes with any investment products. Our members should understand that even though structural changes happened to their investments, these changes were necessary in order to realize a higher return in FOIN cryptocurrency. But most importantly, these structural changes involve no economic damage or loss. In the long run, we all have everything to gain but nothing to lose.

These decisions made are final and non-reversible. We understand that unhappy investors/members have been rumored to be considering legal actions against our partners-FSP. While it is their right to do so as lawyers and legal advisors will tell you that everything is achievable because they have all to gain and nothing to lose. Our honest advice is: “Do NOT waste time and money because partners-FSP reserve the right to make these structural changes that benefits the investors in the long run. Legal litigations will definitely take years with no assurance of success and you may lose the opportunity to cash out/realize your profits during the whole litigation period as all your assets, including FOIN Wallet will be frozen. Countersuits and counterclaims may also be initiated against these members for tarnishing the reputation of the firm.” We strongly advise members NOT to go down this route while we acknowledge that it is their right to do so.

Even though internally, FOIN is quoted at USD175 today, the price in the External Cryptocurrency Exchange/Market is being traded already around USD290, representing an extra 65% premium/profit. We can only conclude that the global cryptocurrency market has more confident in the actual value of FOIN than both the management and our members, hence, driving FOIN’s price surge beyond assessed values in the external market.

The structural changes made today are for the long-term benefit of every of our members as the value of FOIN in the external market will continue to increase within the next 1 year to at least USD500 by July 2019.

The plans and groundwork for FOIN Wallet migration from Internal Blockchain Eco-System (currently) to external Cryptocurrency Exchange have been laid out from now until the 1st of July 2019. This 1st of July deadline was announced and agreed since the soft launch of FOIN in April 2018. Progress has been made to kick-start this process earlier to ensure the 1st July 2019 schedule is achievable with confidence.
FOIN (Now to December 2019)

  • FOIN can be transferred/sold by one member/user to another as it has made possible for members/ users to perform Internal Transactions within the FOINS Blockchain System.
  • FOIN can also be used as one of the medium of investment for any future Financial Products that may be launched by our partners-FSP.
  • The usage and acceptance of FOIN as the de facto cryptocurrency of FOINS Blockchain System will follow our Internal Price that is appreciating at a rate of 1 USD per day.

FOIN (January – June 2019)

The management is planning to initiate the 1st stage/batch of FOIN Wallet migration to External Cryptocurrency Exchange(s) as early as January 2019. We have hundreds of thousands of FOIN Wallet holders and the migration from Internal Private Blockchain Eco-System to External Cryptocurrency Exchange has to be done in batches to ensure smooth transition and excellent user experience.

Migrated FOIN Wallets will then be allowed to trade a fraction of their FOIN in the open market as part of the testing and assimilation process. The remaining balance of FOIN that has not been migrated to External Cryptocurrency Exchange can continue to be use internally for Financial Investment and Products until 30th June 2019.

Migration process will take months to completed as not all FOIN tokens have been mined. So, we urge FOIN Adopters to exercise patience and be practical in their demands and requests.

FOIN (1st July 2019)

  • A complete FOIN Wallet migration from Internal Eco-system to External Cryptocurrency Exchange(s) will be fully completed and FOIN Wallet holder will be able to trade their FOIN freely in the External Cryptocurrency Exchanges without limitations.
  • FOINS users-community, when deciding to invest in any Financial Products can use the FOIN in their External Cryptocurrency Wallet, just like the current practice of topping up BTC, XRP, ETH into FOINS Blockchain system.
  • A FOIN Foundation, similar to Bitcoin Foundation, to encourage the usage of FOIN by the global community will be established. Founding members will consist of representatives of the management, holders of large amount of FOIN cryptocurrency as well as prominent figures in the Cryptocurrency and Financial Industry.

In all honesty, despite all that have been done and many more that have been planned or others that are still in the pipeline, nothing can ever be 100% guaranteed in this world, more so in the field of Financial Investment. Indeed, I have expressed this mantra every time we host an educational event around the world that Investment involves Risk, and the higher is the Risk, so is the Return. Investing is NOT supposed to be short-sighted and desperate. You shouldn’t use the money that you desperately need to pay your bills every week or month, instead it should only be money that you can put aside for the purpose of capital growth in 2-3 years, at a minimum. Investment is strategic planning for your future for economic gain.

Investing in accordance to Financial.org Education Concepts, and investing in FOIN cryptocurrency are going to be the BEST decisions of your life but like all great things and opportunities, it may require a bit of patience. It is a process that involves step by step assimilation and implementation. All of us are part of this “History in The Making” process and we all will be benefited directly from this much anticipated achievement. Bitcoin Millionaires invested for 5-7 years, gone through many ups and downs before finally able to realize the millions.

I challenge you to do the same!

If you want to become a FOIN Millionaire, you will need patience; you need to be patient! I don’t expect you to wait 5-7 years but at least 2-3 years. DO NOT sell all your FOIN at $500 or $1,000 because FOIN will be bigger than Bitcoin in 3-5 years time.

As I told our Brand Ambassadors in the last two weeks, I will become the 1st FOIN Billionaire because I bought 100,000 FOIN at USD100 on the 1st of April 2018. When FOIN reach $10,000, I will become a Billionaire. Knowing all the plans that we have in the next few years, and with all the foundations that we have laid, I felt this dream is NOT difficult to achieve. Everyday brings us closer and closer!

I’m telling you that ATPA, ATPX, ATPC & FOIA are only parts of Chapter-1 in the evolution of Financial.org. The listing of FOIN 10 days ago has closed the door of Chapter-1 along with its 1st generation products. Whether one likes it or not, the decision is final; for greater opportunities to rise, Chapter-1 must come to an end.

Alexander Graham Bell, the person who invented Telephone and the founder of American Telephone and Telegraph Company, AT&T, once said, “When a door Closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

FOIN’s listing 10 days ago closed the door for Chapter-1. But more importantly, FOIN has opened up the door for Chapter-2. At appropriate times, it will open up doors for Chapter-3, Chapter-4, Chapter-5, Chapter-6 and so on and so forth.

Regretfully, some of you may have entered Chapter-1 just before the door closed. But nothing is lost; no investment is lost. Just wait for 1 short year to realize your massive profits. Therefore, it’s your decision to either focus on this closed door or move on to the upcoming doors that are set to open.

FOIN will provide us with countless and endless opportunities in the Global Capital Markets. Together, we can harness the full potential of FOIN for years and decades to come!

Nevertheless, it requires a truly collaborative effort from all of us to work hand in hand for the next few years to realize our bigger dreams. Follow our lead. Alone you are weak, Together we will be Stronger than Ever. I hope all of you can see The Big Picture – the big picture in High-Resolution(HR) & High-Definition(HD)!

Once again, thank you to all our Valued & Beloved Members! Congratulations to all of us on this Historic Achievement! Merci Beaucoup!

Monsieur Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org


FedEx (FDX) Ex-Dividend

1FedEx (FDX) will begin trading Ex-Dividend on 22nd June 2018 and dividend payment of USD 0.65 per share is scheduled to be paid on 9th July 2018. Members who hold FDX shares at EST 20:00 on the 21st of June 2018 are eligible to receive dividend.

Thank you.

Vice President of Operation
Richard Bennett


FOIN Going ICO – 1st July 2018

The Great News is HERE!

Breaking news to All Members and Users: We can now confirm that we have been able to bring forward FOIN Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from July 2019 to 1st of July 2018.

Therefore, please kindly note that Financial.org’s members can only exercise their FOIN subscriptions until Sunday, 3rd June 2018 (instead of initial announcement of 30th June 2018), in order to meet the ICO schedule.

We apologize that we have to shorten the FOIN subscription deadline for our members because each corporate entity, as well as all parties involved, need 3 weeks (21 days) to complete all accounting and auditing procedures, in addition to other preparations for the ICO to take place on 1st July 2018.

We understand that this announcement may come as a total surprise to many but the management views this firm development as The Perfect Opportunity for our members and users community to realize their true net worth ahead of schedule.

We expect the ICO to be valued at around USD250 per FOIN on the first day of trading and its price should appreciate above USD300 within a short period of time.

We hope that our members can remain calm and not get overexcited by this interesting and promising development. More details will be made available throughout June, leading towards this historical breakthrough and landmark achievement.

Once again, we thank you for your support and understanding.



Monsieur Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org