An Open Letter to All Members & Users

Below is an open letter by Monsieur Arnaud Georges to all Financial.org members and FOINS users-community in response to questions about the latest upgrades as well as the growth prospects and economic opportunities that lie ahead:
In the past one week, we have been receiving a lot of feedback. These include thousands of questions and comments coming from Financial.org members and FOINS users-community everywhere around the world. Many members and users simply want to get first-hand information about the latest developments and prospects following the ICO of FOIN as well as the launch of the new flagship product – FIA.
I first would like to thank all members and users, especially those of you who managed to spare your precious time to write us supportive comments and constructive feedbacks. Never underestimate the power of your voice and the impact of your feedback; our second-generation products and features are largely designed and built based upon requests and ideas from members and users like you. I think you should have known by now your indirect role in fostering this new chapter! Besides brand ambassadors and partners, a good number of members and users had actually indirectly participated in this new product design process. Their routine comments, requests and feedback were being carefully translated and assimilated into the core structure and framework of the new FIA.
But before I go any further, it is very important that I must go through thoroughly these fundamental investment guidelines once again. I NEED each and every one of you to fully understand the Context of an Investment the way it is intended to be; every Financial.org member and FOINS user needs to completely understand that every investment is associated with three basic intangible elements of uncertainty and no one can guarantee the exact outcome.
1. Investment Time-Frame
Members and users need to understand that in the context of Financial Education as championed by Financial.org, Every Investment involves Patience and Time. Indeed, I have mentioned this hundreds of times whenever I speak at events, meet you in person, through email correspondence, WhatsApp messages as well as general member newsletters that:
  • We do not champion short term profit because we are not a fly-by-night corporation.
  • We teach financial concepts while our partners-FSP adopt a medium to long term asset appreciation philosophy (2 – 5 years) to realize your investments.
  • We have been very clear to all members and users that if you need money desperately, such as money needed right away for putting food on the table or paying your bills, Financial.org cannot help you because we are neither a bank nor a loan service provider. But if you are looking for a stable, medium to long term asset growth opportunity to boost your wealth, we are your right partner. In fact, we are the BEST.
  • Desperate people ALWAYS end up losing money because their goals are often hold back by their own desperation. They can NEVER wait until the right time comes and as a result, they will NEVER able to MAXIMIZE their investment.

Note: If you do not have any spare money, money that you DO NOT DESPERATELY need to use for the next 2-3 years, DO NOT INVEST.

2. Investment Risk

All Investments involve risk, including:
  • Complete or partial loss of the investment fund.
  • Delay in Investment Returns.
  • Restructuring of financial products or investment assets.

Note: There is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed investment. The higher the risk, the higher the potential return. Our role is to help you achieve the highest possible return while maintaining the lowest level of risk.

3. Reward/Returns

Return for an investment may come in any forms or terms, for instance:
  • Stable and periodic payments on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually basis; usually associated with controlled smart trading in the markets.
  • Rapid Wealth – Profit payment in a few large sums or just one single lumpsum; oftentimes it may involve other volatile asset classes like stocks or cryptocurrencies that could appreciate from 30 to 50% or even up to a few hundred percent in a matter of weeks.
Note: Investors aim for stability despite market volatility. In the context of investing, when an opportunity presents itself, simply grab it; and when a risk appears, take necessary measures to avoid it. Structural changes and assert reallocation are part of the equations to effectively manage opportunity and risk in order to achieve the highest possible returns.
Generally speaking, anything can happen in an investment. Therefore, an investor needs to fully prepare for the worst even though the worst rarely happens. Financial.org’s role is to protect your investment in accordance with our medium to long term asset growth goals for each of our members and users.
FOIN’s progress and development:
  1. All your assets have been converted to FOIN at USD165 / FOIN.
  2. FOIN is a very valuable asset; every FOIN is worth about USD300 in the open market today but in one-year time, its value will at least be doubled, if not tripled or more.
  3. By 1st July 2019, your “FOIN Wallet” would have been completely migrated from Internal Blockchain Eco-System to External Free-Market Exchange(s).
    By then, you may choose to sell all or part of your FOIN at your own discretion. For your information, there is no restriction for selling cryptocurrencies in the open market, so basically, you could do whatever you wish.
The Four Bonuses that come along with FOIN
  1. For your FOIA to be paid early (on 15th of June) is the 1st Bonus.
  2. For all your asset(s) that have been paid in advance, being converted to FOIN at USD165 is the 2nd BONUS.
  3. To be able to sell your FOIN at prices that are 300-600% more than FOIN conversion(purchase) price of USD165 after 1st July 2019 is the 3rd BIG BONUS.
  4. For those members who decide to invest in our partners-FSP 2nd Generation Product(s), utilizing 30% of their FOIN instantly into the new products is the 4th BONUS.
With such great opportunities ahead and massive amount of money to be made, there is really nothing, I repeat, NOTHING for any Financial.org member to complain about. In fact, you should thank the management and FSPs for providing this realistic opportunity for you to harvest. Bear in mind, this is not just another opportunity, this is The Opportunity of a Lifetime. You can use you FOIN towards the new products right away. A year from now, you will be able to make 3 – 6 folds (300 – 600%) extra profits in the open market; this is a FACT.
The listing of FOIN is a historic opportunity that we all must grab!
We salute and express our greatest gratitude to members and users who continuously support Financial.org, FOINS Financial Blockchain Platform and FOIN Cryptocurrency. We live by this shared dream and as such, we shall achieve the reality together.
At the same time, I openly rebuke brainless, selfish members who spread negative rumors about Financial.org, FOINS and FOIN. A small number of members have been identified to have written false statements, spread unfair and negative rumors and in some cases, sent threatening statements to our Official Partners, including WMR, Formula 1, Techeetah, Formula-E, as well as our auditors, legal department, office building management, local financial regulators, international press, local press, online forums/portals, social networking sites and all other possible means to tarnish the reputation of our management and this financial platform. So, I want to tell you THREE THINGS today:
i. Our partners-FSP deserve the full right to make structural changes to your investment if these structural changes do not cause any financial loss. Every decision made is final and non-reversible
ii. The management & Partners-FSP reserve the right to suspend your account and freeze your assets if you are found to break any terms of use that include tarnishing the good reputation of the management as well as all our associated brands and partners.
iii. “FOIN is our future = Your Future”. Even if you don’t care about the future of this platform and 120,000 other people’s retirement plans, children education funds, new homes, etc., at least use your brain to protect your own wealth and assets. When you cause mayhem to Financial.org, Partners, FOINS, & FOIN, you are also doing the same thing to devalue your own assets = FOIN’s values.
I hope my sincerity and boldness can be accepted by EVERY Financial.org member and FOINS user around the world. And I really mean EVERY MEMBER & USER. I don’t even want a single sour soul.  Because only when we are united as FOINS community-users, then can we attract the other 10, 20 and 50 million cryptocurrency adopters to push the price of FOIN beyond Bitcoin. Alone you are weak; Together We can be Stronger!
Chapter-2 has started and the next wave of market opportunities that come with chapter-2 are epic, but if it’s not for you, please DO NOT invest. Every investment involves some degree of risk, including the risk of losing a part or the whole sum of your capital.
For those of you who already signed up for the new chapter, Welcome Home! The new door is officially opened for all of you as well as hundreds of thousands of millions of potential members and users worldwide. FIA is expected to bring a Whole New Level of Success while FOIN is set to unleash its True Market Value. So, let’s harness The True Potential of FOIN together.
Remember, this is The Opportunity of a Lifetime; The Sky’s the Limit! 
Merci Beaucoup. Thank you. 
Yours sincerely,
Monsieur Arnaud Georges

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