Summer 2018 & FOIN

Welcome Back & Let’s Get Started – Summer 2018 Just Keeps Getting Better for Our Global Users-Community

Since the launch of FOINS Investment Account (FIA), many among the users-community have been utilizing their FOIN towards their new FIA investments. The ability to accept FOIN in FIA and other future financial products is indeed a very crucial development in the evolution of FOIN cryptocurrency because it proves that FOIN is progressing in the right direction and doing what it was created to do:  to transact in the digital space; to trade currencies, commodities and securities; and to become the de facto cryptocurrency of FOINS Blockchain Platform.

As a follow up, FIA has been a huge success so far, superseding all its predecessors by leaps and bounds. In addition to existing users, it has attracted many new users from all around the world. Many of these new users are also big supporters of FOIN cryptocurrency.

On the contrary, there is still a number of old members who remain skeptical about FOINS’s new product as well as all the transformations that are taking place right now. They choose not to join the pack at the moment and instead taking a wait-and-see attitude towards FIA and FOIN.   If you just want to wait for FOIN Wallet to be migrated to external crypto exchanges in July 2019, then waiting patiently is actually a good decision; indeed, we are all waiting for the same target date; each and every one of us is looking forward to capturing this enormous FOIN’s open market opportunity!

For those looking for more updates on FOIN, we have good news for you! FOIN market prices have been on an upward trend since being listed on the 4th of June. Prices are now stabilizing at above USD350 in two cryptocurrency exchanges despite Bitcoin’s volatility in recent months. This represents a 40% appreciation in less than 2 months. Obviously, FOIN is not influenced by Bitcoin’s or other Altcoins’ price fluctuations. This shows that FOIN is special and unique among the top gaining cryptocurrencies.

According to three crypto experts who have been working closely with us for the past year, these early market responses could come down to two main causes: Market Confidence and FOIN’s future. FOIN is quickly gaining market confidence not because of its newcomer status or because it inherits a good name, but rather because it’s The First of Its Kind; a cryptocurrency created specifically to trade currencies, commodities and securities and upon listing, it had been subscribed/owned by over 100,000 users; and the number is growing rapidly everyday.

Another factor that leads to FOIN’s huge early success is its potential – FOIN‘s future. FOIN is a medium of exchange created specifically for investors, traders and brokers. Once the 100 million FOIN have been mined, it will officially become the de facto cryptocurrency of FOINS, an independent blockchain platform which currently has over 120,000 individual users in addition to tens of corporate users, including financial service providers from around the world; the number of individual users in FOINS platform is expected to surpass 1 million by the time all FOIN tokens are mined. This fact alone has created a huge demand for FOIN; it also has a major impact on FOIN’s future values. It is clear and obvious that FOIN’s future and its potentials are not back by speculation but rather, it’s proven and supported by real facts and data. Cryptocurrency investors worldwide recognize FOIN’s real potential and value; which is why its price has been on a steady upward trend as many are buying and collecting.

Meanwhile, we are very pleased to confirm that the new monitoring measures to reduce cash withdrawal transaction times have been proven effective. With the aid of these new measures, our partners-FSPs along with the external payment processors have resolved the slow transaction issues; transaction times have been reduced drastically from the previous 7-10 days to the new 5-7 days. It has been confirmed that cash withdrawal requests submitted on 30th of June 2018 were all successfully executed within 5-7 working days. Rest assured that all future cash withdrawals will meet the same high standard.

So, for those of you who are still waiting on the sidelines, wondering and undecided, it’s time to make a decision. A wise decision would be coming back to join the pack again; you have nothing much to lose and everything to gain. FOIN is created to be used for building more wealth; put your FOIN to work now by activating your FIA account before 31st of July and together we can help one another. This global financial education platform can make good use of your support and expertise to grow and expand its educational programs and at the same time we are committed to protect your best interests and promote FOIN to the highest extent. Our long-term global branding strategy with Formula-1 and Formula E is starting to pay off; FOIN is quickly gaining attention, trust and momentum among cryptocurrency investors and experts worldwide. With all the momentum behind us, this is the best time and opportunity to expand your financial networks. If we continue to work as a united global users-community, our memberships and userships will grow exponentially into years to come.

Putting things into perspective, we now have over 120,000 members and respectively, FOIN prices in the open markets is above USD350. But if we were now a global platform with 1 million strong members/users, FOIN could easily be valued around USD 2, 000 – 2, 500 in today’s markets. In other words, numbers speak volumes. The 1 million users mark will be achieved by the end of 2019!

We have every good reason to succeed, FOIN has very good quality to succeed, and together, we will and we can achieve big-time success! FOINS has just open its operation office in Kiev, Ukraine, two weeks ago. Summer is just getting better every day as more and more pioneer members are joining forces to achieve our shared goal. Let’s work hard for the next eleven and a half months to bring FOIN market prices above USD 1,000!

Let’s Say YES to A USD 1,000 FOIN in mid-2019!
Let’s Say YES to A USD 5,000 FOIN in 2021!
Together We Will; Together We Can!
Monsieur Arnaud Georges

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