Introducing Foins.Global – a Change for the Better

Earlier this year, we have launched Financial BlOckchaIN System – FOINS platform. FOINS allows our partners, Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and our members-users-community to link up by plugging into a common blockchain platform; it enables members and users to trade, transact and invest in financial products and services in FOINS blockchain ecosystem. Following this landmark development, our global branding strategy has shifted to “Financial” and “FOIN” to better position our brands and platforms on the global stage. The new branding strategy is set to reflect our values, goals as well as our long-term commitment to providing Lifelong Financial Education to all members and users in the new digital era. At the same time, this branding strategy also helps to promote FOINS platform to become a global leader in providing blockchain-based financial solutions and decentralized trade tools. As such, both “Financial” and “FOIN” logos are now appearing on Williams Martini Racing Formula-1 Car and Techeetah Formula-E Racing Car, as part of the new branding and positioning strategies.

Buoyed by technological breakthroughs, namely Smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) Auto-Trading System and FOINS Blockchain Technology Solutions, in addition to successful global branding strategy, our members-users-community have grown to 120,000 people, spread over 63 countries around the world by the end of June 2018. Such diversity represents an important milestone – A testament to our great achievement on the global stage. This achievement alone has cranked-up our motivation to continue improving our financial education platform on a larger scale. We understand that in order to bring more direct benefits and provide the best user experience for the entire FOINS community, it requires proper region and network segmentation of our web-portals along with the user groups.

In this regard, the management has been working with Independent Consultants and partners-FSP since April after our website underwent a major content and interface update to improve user experience. Thus, as a continuation of this upgrading exercise, we are proud to announce the launch of “Foins.Global” – a website created specifically for FOINS users-community who share common interests, financial networks and come from the same geographical regions.

Please take note:

  1. Dormant Members/Users will continue to login to Financial.org to manage their account, FOIN Wallet and receive updates. Dormant users will NOT have access to Foins.Global
  2. Active Users CANNOT login to Financial.org anymore, effective today, 1st August 2018.
  3. Active Users CAN only login and sign up new users from http://www.Foins.Global

Please find below a summary of The Benefits of Using Foins.Global for FOINS Members-Users-Community:

  • We will be able to segment members and users by regions/networks and build trust and credibility more effectively across the board.
  • We will be able to simultaneously achieve our corporate objectives and meet our social responsibilities.
  • We will be able to empower more brand ambassadors, leaders and partners and provide them a strategic platform to handle day to day operations as well as all matters regarding community educational workshops, functions and events.
  • We will be able to monitor all your community financial education activities independently at the tip of our fingers; thus, providing us a clearer vision and direct feedback to improve future financial education programs according to your needs and requirements.
  • We will be able to develop specific concepts, strategies and provide accurate recommendations that meet the shariah investment guidelines for members and users in particular regions.
  • We have considered offering multiregional stock market advise, review and evaluation in the future.
  • We are able to better redirect news and information to the respective group/network users, especially topics related to the financial developments, marketing trends and investment guidelines in your communities.
  • Our partners will be able to effectively roll out promotions and tailor-made products and services for selected fast-growing member/user bases.
  • Our partners will be able to develop and provide tailor-made financial products, tools and services that meet the Shariah Compliance requirements for members and users in particular regions.

In general, businesses all around the world have created outstanding presences and generate tremendous revenues by connecting and positioning their platforms, brands, products and services to groups of people with common interests. Big corporations such as HSBC, Prudential, Twitter, Facebook and many others have been using these brand positioning and target marketing strategies so successfully for years to optimize their platforms, business expansion and market growth. Foins.Global is incorporating the similar winning strategies to elevate its platform; it is set out to link members and users with the same interests and financial backgrounds together because only when you are coming together as a community, your common goals and interests can be achieved. Correspondingly, the benefits of Foins.Global as summarized above will be realized and advanced in your respective communities.

So, let’s all join hands to embrace and cherish the launching of Foins.Global. It’s A Symbol of Achievement; It’s a Change for the Better in serving our global financial education community.

Thank you for your unwavering support.
Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org


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