FOIN Progress Update – Heading on The Right Track

Dear Valued Members and FOIN Users-Community,
It is with great pleasure and excitement that FOIN has been listed for 4 successful months. After being listed for USD250 in early June 2018, FOIN is currently trading around USD630. It has appreciated more than 150% in four short months, hence making it one of the Best & Strongest new cryptocurrencies available. It is definitely The Most Stable ICO for cryptocurrency mining in 2018! As such, FOIN will continue to build trust and confidence among the global cryptocurrency community in a prospective manner and its value is expected to appreciate exponentially in the external cryptocurrency markets for years to come.
Please note that the FOIN migration portal is scheduled to be rolled out in the spring of 2019 in stages to ensure a smooth and successful FOIN migration. Once all FOIN are fully migrated to the external cryptocurrency exchange(s) by July 2019, FOIN owners will be able to trade/sell their FOIN freely in the external market.
Based on dynamic market trends in addition to healthy user base growth, FOIN should be able to break the USD1,000 benchmark price by the end of December 2018. It is expected to be traded above USD2,000 upon fully migrated to the external cryptocurrency exchange(s) by July 2019.
On behalf of the management and partners-FSPs, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all members and users for your continued support. FOIN’s success in the external market will be attributed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships with all early adaptors/users along with the global cryptocurrency community, including all members of Financial.org.
FOIN – Invest with Trust & Confidence!
To 1 million adaptors and a USD2,000 FOIN by 1st July 2019! “Yes, we can!”
Monsieur Arnaud Georges
President – Financial.org

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