Vision 2019-2020 – A Whole New Level of Wealth and Opportunity for The Next Two Years

Quick Look & Highlights of 2018

2018 has been widely considered as the most inspiring and successful year in the history of FOINS platform. For the vast majority of our users-community, it marks the beginning of a long-term growth, success and prosperity. For many who join our platform in recent months, FIA and FOIN cryptocurrency are the two main motivations that inspire them to join us. In order to find out what makes 2018 such a great year, let’s take a quick look at the highlights of 2018:

  • January 2018: We started 2018 with about 40,000 members and users from about 33 countries around the world; our initial target for 2018 was to reach a 200, 000 users-community by the end of the year. In the same month, FOIN Mining Operations started; the mining operations are set to complete in around 18-19 months when all 100 million FOIN tokens are mined by July 2019.
  • February 2018: A series of Members-Users Appreciation & Joint Partnership Promotion Events were set to take place across our user bases from February all the way to December to promote vision 2018 along with its many goals and opportunities.
  • March 2018: March has been traditionally a big month for us. FOIN wallet was soft-launched to its users-community. Later in the same month, a 13-day FOIN Auction was carried out with a record auction price of USD 1358 being set on 31st March 2018.
  • April 2018: FOIN Early Subscription was made available to its users-community with initial internal price started at USD 100 on the 1st April 2018. The early subscription was a huge success as it had attracted hundreds of thousands of members and users to take advantage of the low initial starting prices for FOIN.
  • May 2018: FOIN was officially revealed in Dubai on 1stMay 2018 to mark the beginning of our FOIN Global Launching events that took place in major cities around the world for the entire month of May.
  • June 2018: FOIN’s ICO took place on 4th June 2018. It was listed one year ahead of schedule at USD 250. Our current flagship product, FIA, was later launched in selected user bases on 15thJune.
  • July & August 2018: FOINS alongside local partners and Brand Ambassadors from around the world continued to carry out the FIA Launch Campaigns into many new territories with unprecedented success. FOIN’s external market prices continued to rise beyond all expectations. During these months, new websites with improved contents and enhanced features had also been launched to better serve the local users-community across different regions.
  • September 2018: FIA was officially launched to the middle-east region, replacing FOIA in all regions across all user base and became the most successful product that we have ever introduced; we reached a 203, 000 users-community by the end of September, overtaking our initial target for 2018 by three months. FOIN was trading at around USD 550-580 at the time.
  • October & November: Due to the enormous success in the first 3 quarters of 2018, FOINS along with partners-FSP had made a commitment to strive for a new target of 300,000 users by the end of December 2018. We rolled out a series of promotion incentives for October, November and December separately to further promote our user base growth for these 3 consecutive months.
  • December 2018: FOINS alongside partners-FSP had reached another major breakthrough in solving the ongoing cash withdrawal issues, caused by growing restrictions imposed on banks around the world. A new Blockchain Cryptocurrencies Withdrawal System was announced on 18thDecember to replace the old cash withdrawal system starting 1st January 2019. By the end of December 2018, we have over 300,000 users from more 65 countries around the world, proudly reaching our new user target for 2018. FOIN open market prices have crossed USD 1,000 for the first time in December 2018.

Global Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets in 2018

2018 has been a roller coaster year for both stock and cryptocurrency markets with the last 2 months of the year being the worst. A major market correction that started in November has wiped out all of the gains the Dow and S&P 500 made in 2018. At the same time, major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and other Altcoins have dropped between 40-80%. This roller coaster market trends are likely to continue into 2019. Despite market uncertainty, 2018 is in fact the best-performing year for FOINS platform and its uses-community. The question is: How Do We Beat the Odds?

Beating the Market The Right Ways

In a nutshell, we inherited the right investment recipe to do it the right ways; we have the right tools, right solutions, right timing, right people, right partners, right plans and most importantly, right Visions to beat the odds. Vision 2016, Vision 2017 and Vision 2018 have continued to bring us new financial opportunities in each respective year. Vision 2018 has brought us together closer than ever due to its great financial success for both FOINS Investment Account, FIA and FOIN cryptocurrency. Both FIA and FOIN cryptocurrency were launched with perfect timing. For the past 3 years we have been working with some of the best people, partners and affiliates in the financial industry, utilizing the latest blockchain technology and solutions alongside the best financial and market predictions tools. We accurately predicted a major market correction was coming before the end of 2018 with more uncertainty ahead, and therefore, we had decided to list FOIN one year ahead of schedule. We rolled out a new list of recommended stocks along with the launch of FIA in June 2018; these stocks were picked specifically to maximize daily auto-trading profits in bear market conditions. As a result, FOIN is able to position itself as the Best ICO in 2018, defying recent market corrections and simultaneously, FIA has been widely considered as one of the most stable financial product in the global financial circles. When it comes to beating the odds, we have a proven track record of financial success, we have an active users-community that is committed to building and growing our user base, we have a flagship product, better known as FIA, to outperform the market under virtually any market conditions, we have FOIN cryptocurrency that has been able to beat the market consistently due to its huge market potential as well as promising long-term economic perspectives.

Vision 2019-2020

The accomplishments we have made in 2018 has given us a whole new level of opportunity. It has enabled us to lay down more long-term plans and objectives with complete confidence to strive for even Greater Success. Therefore, for the first time, we are planning and sharing a 2-year vision with our users-community all around the world. This new vision is simply known as Vision 2019-2020. Vision 2019-2020 is very simple; we believe a good vision should be short, specific and target oriented. Vision 2019-2020 is basically divided into 3 sections as follows:

I. The flagship investment product for 2019-2020: FOINS Investment Account – FIA

FIA is built completely based on latest blockchain technology, allowing it to handle all current and future applications for the next 4-5years. It enables blockchain-based smart contracts and applications to be implemented securely without external intervention. It has excellent proven auto-trading records to separate itself from its rivals. Many among our users-community have earned hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars since the introduction of FIA 6 months ago.

FOINS management is very pleased and satisfied with FIA’s performance and therefore has reached a new agreement with partners-FSPs to continue promoting FIA as the flagship financial product to spearhead the growth of FOINS Financial Blockchain Platform throughout 2019 and 2020 without any major changes. FIA, which was launched in between June and September 2018 across our user bases is widely considered as the most effective and reliable financial product that we have ever introduce thus far. It has been well received by everyone, including both current and potential new users based on its solid market performance. While we may introduce very small amendments, if and whenever necessary, it has been confirmed that NO big structure changes will be implemented to FIA in 2019 and 2020. So, rest assured that all active users can continue to build and expand their financial networks with complete confidence, without any worries.
II. FOIN Wallet: Before, During and After Migration

A. Between January and July 2019

The Wallet Migration Process will take 7 months to complete. Initial Migration Protocols will be rolled out in January 2019 where users/members will be required to provide adequate KYC Documents, such as passport and bank statements, to register their tokens as part of KYC Procedures. Users/members are advised to submit accurate information to avoid unnecessary delay in the initial token registration process. Members and Users who fully follow the steps and requirements are guaranteed for a 100% successful wallet migration. FOINS management will absorb all costs associated with the wallet migration process; there will be no obscure fees and hidden charges, such as Wallet Migration Fee, Administrative Fee, Processing Fee, Etc.

FOIN Wallet Migration is a very complicated task; it is not an equipment-moving project, moving from one location to another. It requires lots of Expertise, Resources and Collaborations. It involves lots of testing during pre-migration and post-migration process. In order to migrate 1 million wallets from an internal private blockchain ecosystem to external cryptocurrency exchanges in a secure and verifiable way, our team have designed a process in which the migration is divided into phases; each phase is divided into sub-phases and individual components. It will be carried out systematically from one phase to another according to precise migration schedules. The last phase will end in July 2019. By the 31st of July 2019, it is expected that over 1 million FOIN Wallet would have already been migrated to the open market, making it Biggest Blockchain Wallet migration in the history of the world

B. From 1st August onwards

On 1st August 2019, all members and users are free to transact, trade or sell their FOIN tokens freely in the external market. The prices of FOIN is projected to reach between USD1500 – USD2, 200 after FOIN Wallet Migration is completed in July 2019. Users are made aware that price fluctuations can sometimes be ‘Very Wild and Crazy’ for cryptocurrencies due to heavy trading volume. Many new adopters may not know how a Blockchain Wallet works, therefore, accidental sales could happen sometimes. For instance, 3 months ago, we came across a record of transaction showing that 3 units of FOIN were transacted at zero USD while other FOIN were being traded at around USD550 at the time. Over time, prices of FOIN will be similar to the prices of Bitcoin, Google or Facebook, as determined by the open market. The price of FOIN will eventually be determined by its users-community because they are the major holders in the open market. When it comes to open market FOIN trading, we recommend the same rule of thumb, which is, buy low and sell high on a consistent basis. Prices of FOIN are expected to reach between USD 2,700 to 3,000 by the end of 2019 and around USD 4,500 to 5,000 by December 2020.
III. The Future of FOIN

The Future of FOIN is the single most important agenda for FOINS Blockchain Platform in the next 10 years. The value of a currency or cryptocurrency depends on two major factors:

  1. Inflation – The unlimited productions; printing or mining of more and more without limitation.
  2. Users – As long as there are a good number of users and adopters, the currency or cryptocurrency will NEVER lose its value sharply. With healthy growth and development, it is most likely to appreciate gradually over time.

FOINS Financial Blockchain Platform will have 1 million users worldwide by mid-2019 when the wallet migration process is fully completed. It will reach 2 million users by the end of 2019 and 5 million users by the end of 2020; therefore, the price of FOIN can only go higher and higher as demand increases sharply every year while supply is fixed at 100 million tokens.

In order to protect the long-term interests of all current and future users, a new Independent FOIN Foundation is also being created at the moment. It is expected to be completed before your FOIN Wallet goes live in the external market by end of July 2019. FOIN Foundation will protect the interest of all FOIN holders around the world, similar to efforts made by Bitcoin and Ethereum Foundations.

A Summary and Critique of Vision 2019-2020

  • First, FIA will continue to spearhead FOINS platform without any major changes for the next 2 years. Therefore, all active users can rest assured that you can continue to build and expand your financial networks with confident.
  • Second, FOIN Wallet Migration will be completed as scheduled by July of 2019. Upon completion, FOIN owners will be able to transact, trade or sell their FOIN tokens freely in the external market.
  • Third, the future of FOIN will be well protected by FOIN Foundation a result of strong users-community growth alongside new long-term projects to promote the usability of FOIN in the global financial circles, retail merchants and cryptocurrency community.

The Big Picture for the next two years is clear; we will witness: Consistency, Stability and Continued Growth with FOIN entering into the mainstream and cryptocurrency markets. The projections for FOINS platform in the next 2 years are great; we are expected to deliver more promising results for our global users-community. Countless New Opportunities will be waiting for you; these opportunities belong to each and every one of you who continue to play an active role in growing and expanding FOINS users-community for the next 2 years.

Members and users are advised not to be overly influenced by any negative propaganda or fabricated news reporting that are designed to deceive our users-community and FOIN cryptocurrency. Likewise, there have been countless negative news surrounding all big players, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, even to this very day. Those who sell off the FOIN early would be the biggest losers, just like so many early Bitcoin adopters and investors who were deceived by biased news reporting and lost big time. unfortunately, many early Bitcoin adopters had failed to see the Big Picture; we hope early FOIN adopters will not follow the same footsteps or embrace the same shortsighted thinking.

A USD 1,000 FOIN in today’s market is considered as a ‘Fair Market Value’ based on the current bear market conditions. This price is determined by crypto investors from around the world. FOIN has been widely regarded as The Best Performing Cryptocurrency and ICO in 2018! It is poised with unlimited potential for growth in the next few years to come. As a user and early adopter, the most important question you need ask yourself is: Do you have the patience to wait for 3 years, 5 years or even 10, 15 or 20 years to reap maximum benefits?

FOIN will eventually become the biggest cryptocurrency due to its price stability, usability, acceptancy in the financial circles and sheer number of users-community. The FOIN millionaire dream that started in early 2018 are being fulfilled and acknowledged since the ICO of FOIN in June of 2018. There are already hundreds of thousands real millionaire among our users-community today and these numbers are growing everyday. Soon, many of these millionaires will become billionaires. Vision 2018 has brought us tremendous opportunities and accomplishments because many great things that occurred across our users-community are taking place in 2018. But we are very confident that Vision 2019-2020 will bring our entire users-community a whole new level of Wealth, Opportunity, Achievement and Success for the next 2 years.

With tens of millions of FOIN allocated to capital reserve in FOIN Foundation, FOINS platform is estimated to be worth more than $50 billion Dollars upon FOIN mining completion in July 2019. As such, FOINS will have plenty of reserves to fund and support future long-term, large-scale projects to grow and expand its user base for decades to come. The users-community will be the biggest beneficiaries of all future expansion projects as the value of FOIN will continue to appreciate beyond the next decade.

If you think Vision 2018 is brilliant, then trust our management team and partners and fully support our new Vision 2019-2020. We are 100% confident that you will elevate the standard of ‘Brilliant’ and your definition of Wealth & Lifestyle by the time we present our next Big Vision in 2020. To put things into perspective, if you think buying yourself a 2018 Porsche 911 is the best lifestyle reward, wait until you drive a brand-new Lamborghini Aventador in 2019; or if you think flying Emirates 1st Class is the best flying experience today, wait until you fly on your own Gulfstream G500 in 5 years’ time.

So, together let’s embrace the new 2-year Vision 2019-2020 with open arms. Together, we will be stronger than ever. Let’s join hands once again to harness the financial opportunities for the next 2 years with Dignity and Integrity.

Monsieur Arnaud Georges
President – FOINS

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